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March 30, 2014


Cathy lee

Linda, I am so sorry for your sick mother- in - law what sad news. I could never make such a beautiful card, but I would love to make one for your mother in law I'm sure she could use some Encouragement. If you email me an address I will make her her a card I'm sure others would also love to do so. Thank you, Cathy Linda I understand if you do not want to give that information I can send it to Sharon at the ribbon store and I'm sure she will forward it to you. My best to your family.


The roses on this card are so beautiful. All your paper flowers are just gorgeous. I checked out all my flower making dies and then checked back in your blog to see if you used them did! And everyone is amazing in its own way. I would love to see a tutorial on making this new rose someday when you have time in your very busy life. This is such a pretty card.

Jan Castle

A beautiful card Linda...I am sure it will be appreciated! Thankful you have sweet memories of Shirley.

Bernadette Roberto Shisler

This sympathy card is beautiful, Linda. Where I live, sympathy cards are a necessity because we are all related somehow in the genealogy and family tree. Thank you for inspiring me. Now, I just need to get the dies. :)


My sympathy goes to your family on the passing of this cherished member. The card is wonderfully and will, undoubtedly, be appreciatively received.

Debbie G.

I'm so sorry for your MIL's loss. Your card is beautiful, as always, and I'm sure the family will be very appreciative of the love that went into making the card for your MIL.

Lorrie Koenig

Deepest sympathy is extended to all of your family on your loss, but especially to your mother-in-law. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Beautiful card! I find sympathy cards so difficult to make, this one is wonderful!

June street

Very beautiful what an elegant card for a difficult occasion.


Linda, So sorry to hear that your mother-in-laws Sister has passed on. Your card is lovely and I hope is a reminder to her daughter that she was loved by more than her immediate family.



I bet that meant a lot to your mother in law to be able to send a card to her niece when she couldn't be there to attend the funeral, so sorry for the families loss.

Fiona @Pinchofcraft

That's such a sweet card Linda. It's always a hard card to make but this is very elegant, and could easily be used for any occasion!

pattie Jns

Elegant with beauty and love

Gloria Westerman

I'm so sorry for your lost...but these card is beautiful and I'm sure the recipient will love it...
And for sure I'm casing this it...tfs


With sincerest sympathies in the loss of your dear one. This is such an elegant and beautiful card. Thank you for sharing--cards such as this one are so incredibly difficult to do. Shirley's daughter will appreciate it so much.

Eileen L.

Beautiful card Linda, so sad that you received such sad news and that your mother-in-law couldnt attend. God Bless to you all.

Marg Elcich

Your card is beautiful. My sympathies to your family.

Sharon Johnson

Beautiful, Linda. So sorry for your MIL's loss. I know the card will be appreciated.

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