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December 08, 2007


Lucygail Henson

I want a new paper cutter.


What I would like most for Christmas is is a thankful heart, the vision to see the beauty of each day and the wisdom to find joy.


OK - don't count my last entry I was in such a hurry because I just found the contest that I didn't read the rules - sorry - : (

What I want for Christmas is exactly what I have - a wonderful husband, two wonderful daughters, three manificently beautiful grandchildren (check out my blog for pics of these darlings!) for my Mom to feel a little better and have a little more energy (she's got that "C" thing!) - every day I feel so fortunate to have what I have to dare and wish for more would be ... selfish. But I do wish that for at least one hour, on one special day that every single child in the world could feel warmth, kindness, gentleness and love ... even if just for an hour!


Hopefully I'm not too late!!! Love all the stuff!!! Everything!!! How sweet of you to have such wonderful blog candy!!!


Anita Van Hal

I know I'm getting what I want for Christmas. My youngest son serves in the US Navy aboard a submarine, and has been gone for almost six months--so no communication from him during that time although we could send him one 50-word email per week. Well, this past Sunday he got back about a month early, and best of all gets a little over one week for leave (longest leave in almost four years), and we're picking him up at the airport this Saturday. He will be home for Christmas, so we'll be able to spend Christmas with all four of our children and two granddaughters.


What I would like to have for Christmas is to be able to spend Christmas with All of my 3 adult kids and 3 grandkids. They are all so far away, alas! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Barb Tobias

What great blog candy. What I want for Christmas
is some nestablities and more rubber stamps.

Jessica S.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to play.

What I want most for Christmas is a safe drive home to see my family. It's a long dangerous ten hour trip but to see my parent's again will be worth it!

Troy Louise

Linda: Thanks for the chance to win some special things from Crafty Secrets. What I would like for Christmas is for my son to get accepted by his top choice college. He has worked so hard & is a wonderful child. Also, it seems trite, but real peace on Earth would be a dream come true.

Pam Campbell

What I would like most for christmas is for God to grow the seeds that have been planted before my ex husband. To grow him into a FATHER that his children need. To open his eyes to see the hurt his actions are causing in their little lives. To fill his heart with moral good so that there is no room for imorality to dwell. For my children to have smiles on their faces, not welled up anger that they do not know how to deal with. And for me to have a friend that I can share the love I have for this craft.


Michele Zwart

Hmm...hard decision. I'd have to say that I'd like to be a better mom and wife. But...selfishly, I'd like to have a Cricut. :)

Pattie Sykes

I love all things Vintage, so this has been a great find for me.

What I want most for Christmas is to spend more happy, quality time with my family. We have had a few rough months and I would love for things to be back to normal. I would like to spend more time in my stamping room. I still consider my self a beginner (and a late bloomer too). In my mind, if I had found a craft like this when my son was a baby, many things would be different from how they are today.

Thanks for all the inspiration.

Suzanne Brown

What I want for Christmas is TIME to spend stamping and paper crafting. Oh and a cuttle bug and or copic markers would be nice to use during the time I've been given.


COPIC markers, that's what I want!

cheryl moody

What I most want for Christmas is to see Christ brought back into our schools, I want to hear Silent Night, Little Town of Bethlehem, The Drummer Boy, and Hark The Herald Angels Sing, played on our radios instead of I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Santa Claus Is Comin To Town and Rockin Around The Christmas Tree. I want to walk into a store and find a display consisting of the nativity scene instead of Santa and his elves. I want to hear people say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays. I want retailers to wish their staff and customers a Blessed Christmas season instead of fighting for them to work Boxing Day.

Leslie Miller

Oh! These cards are gorgeous, Linda! I really just wanted to tell you that, but while I'm here...hmmmmm...what I most want for Christmas is some quiet time at home with my family. I'll have a little over a week off work and I want to spend it pretending I'm a homemaker rather than a working woman. As far as material things go, since there will be presents under the tree for me, I'm hoping to get a new digital camera. This little package of Crafty Secrets goodies would be pretty nice, too! Thank you!


Just a peaceful New Year..that lasts all year long Ü
Some new Crafty Secrets gear would also be wonderful, too Ü
LUV that hardware set..yum!


Oh, these are awesome. The top of my wish list is more nestabilities. I love them.

Janet Allen

That is some impressive blog candy! My Christmas wish would be that people would remember the real reason we celebrate CHRISTmas.

donna calamari

Great blog candy!!! I want health and happiness for everyone I know.


I would love it if all of our kids could be home at the same time for Christmas but unfortunataly, that won't be happening. We did see them around Thanksgiving so that will have to do. Of course a stocking full of Crafty Secrets products wouldn't be shappy either. Thanks Linda.


What I want most for Christmas is for my family to be together, no working overtime, no running around getting last minute things done, just being together.


I think what I want most for Christmas is a healthy and happy family. I want a safe drive to OHIO (home) and back to Maryland.


I think what I want most for Christmas is a healthy and happy family. I want a safe drive to OHIO (home) and back to Maryland.

Diane Stader- Lost in the 60's

What do I want for Christmas? I pray that all my family will be together, well and happy. That God will bless our country with peace. And selfishly, a stocking full of stamps!!

Diane Stader
Nashville, TN

I want most for Christmas to survive my husband's winter layoff without loosing our trucks or house to forclosure. Please pray for our family to win the lottery.


So beautifull!!!!

I love Crafty Secrets! Can't wait to see who wins! I have everything I need so I guess what I want most is for everyone ELSE to have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!
Elissa Rene


world peace and all that would be nice, lol, but I want a pool :o)
Merry Christmas!!


Mine is silly... I want snow for Christmas because my MIL is coming to visit from AZ. Merry Christmas everyone!


What I want most for Christmas this year---my spirit back. I lost my mother this year and in the past five years my brother and father. Needless to say it's been difficult to muster my spirit up. I want to give my daughters a wonderful Christmas so I'm working hard on being in the spirit. Love your blog, I am a frequent visitor.

Sherri D.

I just got into buying some Crafty Secrets stuff for this past round of SCS DSS. Gosh, did I have a really hard time parting with what I ordered for my little sis', though I did order a little for myself too. I love, I mean LOVE, the vintage cuts! For Christmas I think in some way I just want the day to go by fast. I just lost my 45-year-old SIL in March to leukemia. This is the first Christmas without her and as it gets closer, it gets harder. They say the first is the hardest to get through. I just want it over!


I'm going to take the selfish road...I REALLY want a Making Memories desktop carousel. I want it so bad that I NEED it! They are on the shelf at our Michael's, but I am exercising restraint until after Christmas. There is a small chance my hubby understood my SUBTLE hints (like here's my coupon, go buy this)!


All I want for Christmas is more craft "stuff"!


I love your blog!!! And the vintage pictures are just beautiful. I am just starting scrapbooking because when my grandfather passed away he left hundreds and hundreds of pictures from way back when. There is a small book that my great, great aunt had for people to write in when they graduated from high school and it is full of vintage pictures and I have been searching for replicas. I am going to have so much fun with this project!
Thanks for the inspiration :)

Lisa Cheney

Wonderful prizes and wonderful thoughts expressed. For Christmas I just want the safe arrival of my grandson. Also for our family to be together. I am very blessed and have so much. Thanks for the oppurtunity to win.


I would love for my husband to finish remodeling the bathroom in my scrapbook room! I miss my sink!

Linzi Conners

Oh, wow! What a great gift!! If you can believe it, of course, there's a long list of stamps that I want, and I am hoping to be able to get enough money to buy up some Copic markers.

Right now, I'm hoping to find the time to always remember the real reason for the season...even though, sometimes, the "busy" gets in the way!

Tisha Copeland

Hmmmm, what do I want for christmas???? Well, I want my children clean their rooms without me telling them. This includes not hiding everything under the bed.
I want them to quit changing clothes every 10 minutes. They don't look like Hannah Montana no matter what they wear. They're two burnettes with a Spanish/Irish heritage.
I want them to learn to do laundry because they change clothes every 10 minutes.
I want my dog to quit stealing my daughters stuffed animals and chewing the eyes out. I have so many 'blind' stuffed animals that I'm going to have to start my own re-hab facility.
I want my husband to quit blowing his nose in the shower.
I want my cat to quit waking me up at 5:30 every morning by meowing at the top of the stairs in his loudest voice because he wants to go outside.
I want Dallas's weather to either be hot or cold this season but, not hot & cold on the same day.
I want to eat whatever I want and my butt shrinks anyhow.
I want happy hour to start at 3:00 when the kids get home from school.
I want 1 bottle of wine not to seem too much to drink for one person especially when it's opened at 3:00.
I want time to stamp and scrapbook.
I want everyone to quit eating so that I don't have to stop what I'm stamping to fix meals.
I want the guinea pigs to pass on because I feel like 6 years is long enough for them to live.
I want Christmas pushed back to around March 1st so that I have time to get my decorations up. that I've gotten that off my chest :-)
I really want my daughter's little friend (8 years old) to recover from her brain aneurysm so that she can play on their basketball team again. I want her parents to remain strong in faith and peace during this trying time.
I want all our soldiers to come home from war. I want comfort for the families whose loved ones aren't ever coming home again.
I want to remember every minute that Christ is the reason for Christmas and I want to await the celebratin of His birth with the same excited anticipation as a child awaits gifts on Christmas morning.


For Christmas this year, I want our family to remember what the REAL reason for the season is!


What I want most for Christmas is for everyone to be happy! I also want stamps and more cardstock.


Hi Linda,
My first wish for Christmas is a happy, healthy husband and family. And on a more material level...a stamp & craft studio where I can have all my stuff organized and accessible!?

Thanks for sharing!!


I would like to go to Peru and spend time with my whole family there, we are a big family and all of them live there :( and also I would like to give my little daughter a baby brother or sister, I've been trying to get pregnant for almost 2 years now and nothing happens, so sad for my DD because she really wants a baby at home.
Also a lot of happines, good health and more stamps and paper to play with.
God bless you all

I want most to spend Christmas with my grandchildren. I haven't seen them in over a year, and my heart is yearning to see them in person!

Dee  (OkieDee)

Health for my family first..then I would love to have a set of Copic Sketch markers. Thanks for this opportunity to win the fabulous prizes.
Merry Christmas! Hugs, Dee 8^)


Well besides winning this wonderful blog candy (lol) I would love to have our military families home for the holidays so they can spend this time with their families.

Tracy M

I want a personal Garmin for Christmas...I'm running a 1/2 marathon in January and hopefully a Garmin will help me stay on pace! I have already bought myself some Bella stamps and MFT stamps for Christmas....Haven't got any Crafty Secrets stamps yet, so those would be great to find in my Stocking!!

Pat Turner

Just once, I'd like to have the clutter under control, my decorations out and displayed, and the house clean. Sigh! That would be a wonderful Christmas for me.


i would love some copic markers!

Eleanor Jenkins (aka nana jenkins)

Great give-away! Love Crafty Secrets!

Joy Nicol

I'd like to be able to focus on the true gift of Christmas rather than stress about all the activities, shopping, gift giving that goes on leading up to Christmas! That is all good and has it's place, but I'd like to prioritize a little better this year!! Merry Christmas everyone!

Regina Davis

What a fantastic give away. Hmmmmm, what do I want for Christmas? Well, I'd have to say a gift certificate to The Paper Zone or my favorite LSS (A Joy Forever) would be wonderful!

Thanks for the opportunity to win. Take care - Regina


WOW! great giveaway! i really want a crop-a-dile but what made the top of my list this year were Sakura Glaze pens. I want a whole set and hopefully I'll get them.

Jennifer Cattelino

I don't want anything that can be bought in a store for Christmas. I do want my son to be healthy, grow and be happy.


What I really want for Christmas is a peaceful, happy and less stressful life. Right now we are going through some tough times and I long for the days of pure happiness. Happiness that every morning you get up and just enjoy your day without having to think about the same stresses from the day before. I want my kids to see there parents as carefree as we used to be before all this. I know someday things will return back to normal. Right now the most important thing is that we are together and healty!


what I want most for Christmas...just the time to be present in the moment with my loved ones. There is that feeling on Christmas eve night and Christmas day that the world has stopped its' rushing and bustling and the stillness is beautiful beyond words.

Linda F.

The material thing I want most is a new HP 8-something's a kiosk style protable that prints 4x6 & 5x7!

Spiritually, what I want most is for my daughter and her new husband to have a tranquil sweet life. Being newlyweds, life is hitting them pretty hard. Add to that mother with some mental health problems (and it's not me!) and things are tough! They are such sweet, wonderful kids, they deserve peace and tranquility! That would make me very happy, too!


What I want is for everyone to have good health. It's so much harder at holiday time for those that don't.

Linda C.

I want to be physically able to spend Christmas w/our families. I also want to win this blog candy!!!

Donna Baker

this is fun! Neat items, Linda. I want an OTT lite for Christmas so I can have better lighting in my craft area.

Janet B

All I want for Christmas is for my whole family to be able to be together for one meal. I love family events and it's so hard for all of us to make it together. I hope it works this year.

Monika W

What I want for Christmas....ummmm, everyone keeps asking me that & well, I'd love to be debt free, but that would really take some effort on my part to stop spending all my dang money. So I guess, a big batch of self control. Oh, & I'd love to be able to afford a house here in my new area, love Yorktown VA, but can't afford to do anything but rent...


What do I want most for Christmas? SNOW!!!!!! Hehehehe. I live in TX, so that is a huge wish............ do you think we'll have a White Christmas in TX??? :-)

Cindy B

Your cards are gorgeous! I love the Crafty Secrets vintage style and all of their products. It would be wonderful if everyone could have peaceful Christmas with loved ones!


Great giveaway, all I want is for my kids to have a great day!

Jennifer Welter

What I want most for Christmas is to have a less stressful holiday than previous years. Thank you!


We're in for another ice storm so all I want for Christmas is a vacation to a tropical island that has white sandy beaches and the only ice will be in my drink!!! :O)


Lovely stuff , how could one choose just one , hinges stamps and cotton scraps . peace on earth and more creating time .
thanks to crafty secrects and you Linda ,


what i want most for the holidays this yearis for my mom who is having health problems to be comfortable and safe, and for my young adult children to continue to mature and make wonderful decisions for their lives. thanks for the chance to win such great loot lINda!! ((((HUGS)))), nancyruth

Kim Ross

I have plenty of altruistic wishes for health and happiness, but my one selfish wish is for more NESTABILITIES! I got the hearts for my birthday (which is today) from a friend... and I can't wait to get more. :)


I love your blog and Crafty Secrets. I have asked for some Crafty Secrets stamps sets for Xmas. What do I wish for? That my youngest daughter can get out of working on Xmas eve so she can fly out to be here with our other four children and us on Xmas day.
Susan T


Fabulous Goodies!! Well most of the things I've wanted I know I am getting cause I got to pick them...I wanted a Cricut, Scorpal, dishes...and... our new puppy. Most of all though...good health and happiness for all of my family. And that they come and go some of them will be travelling.


WOW...this is awesome. I have been wanting those wonderful stamps and pretty stickers from Crafty Secrets. All of their products are just so beautiful and you are certainly making them come alive with your work. This year I will have love and happy with that. Merry Christmas to you! Eva


So cute! For Christmas, I would love for there to be no whining or crying all day! :) But since that's probably not going to happen, I'll settle for the cricut that I already got to open! :)


Ooh, these items from Crafty Secrets are adorable. I just found you from Sandy's blog, and I will definitely be back. What I want the most for Christmas . . . to put at least one thing under the tree that my DS and DH will truly love for Christmas (on a tight budget). Blessings to everyone! I wish you all a terrific Christmas! :) Kelly


I would love to get some new paint from Sherwin Williams to finish painting the living rooms. On my scrap list well that is so long I dont even know where to start! I would love some new crafty secrets stamps though :)


What fun! I would love to have enough time to visit with all of my family back in Pittsburgh.


I just ordered the Calendar set thanks to your lovely Calendar on SCS.

As far as Crafty Secrets goes I would most love the Spring and Summer Cotton Scraps - I have the LOVE one and it is my favorite! I would also love the sentiments stamps, Sexy Numbers and the Little Chef!



What I want is - more Crafty Secrets! Seriously, I do love their stamps. They're gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win some!!

Sharon in NE

I want the following Crafty Secrets clear stamps: Coffee & Tea, Kewpies, Kitchen Classics, Sexy Numbers, and Little Chef. Plus I would like a Copic Air Brush. I would imagine I will be making these purchases for myself, as Santa isn't too good at giving me things that I REALLY want. ;) Actually, Santa hasn't bought me anything since I was a kid. I'm sure it isn't because I've been naughty. ???

Theresa Grdina

Well, I really really really wanted a Wii for Christmas...And guess what? My hubby found one with the help of a good friend. SO...if I could have another wish it would be that my three girls will be home and we will spend the holiday with them. That would be wonderful. AND, of course, some Crafty Secrets stuff. Who doesn't love all of their things??????

Debbie (DeborahLynneS)

I just adore Crafty Secret items!!!! I have a couple different sets, and they are just so easy and fun to use!!! I guess what would top my Christmas list would be a new stamping space. I know that isn't going to happen this holiday season, but hopefully when the snow leaves!!! So...have to save moola for an addition!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win some fun stuff!!!

Brenda H.

Thanks for this chance to win sweet candy! What I want is to enjoy a wonderful Christmas with our family! I'd also love to have the Nestibilities, Copics, Crop-a-dile, Gina K stamps...but I know that's not going to happen! Wishing you a blessed Christmas Season!
~Brenda H.


What I want most for Christmas is to have my whole family together!

Julie Hughes

I love your blog and your creations are beautiful. What i would like is for my family to remain healthy-- truly a gift!!!

Angela H.

What I want for Christmas is just to spend time with my family. I have too many "things" to need anything. Of course I never turn anything down.

Claudia F.

Great blog! I'd also like health and happiness for my family and myself. And a cuttlebug if Santa has an extra.


What I want most for Christmas is when the family gets together on Christmas eve, I want my brother to treat me decent. He has always been my tormentor and I would LOVE a Christmas where I didn't have to have my guard up. And if I can't have that then I want the new larger Cricut!!! But I'll settle or a Copic Air Brush!!! Not being greedy at all this year!! LOL

Mary Lou

Great question! I really want a little Pug-yep, the dog. DH has already said 'NO'. I looked at a puppy yesterday and almost fainted when they said the price was a whopping $1789!!!!!! So a pug is on my wish list and probably will be for a long time.

Fran M

What I want most is to win this candy! I love Crafty Secrets and really would love this set.


Where to start........LoL
There are ALOT of things I want for x-mas this year:
I wish to be back home with our families, I wish for some copics, I want a new tonic trimmer LoL And I also want an ATG gun everyone is raving about! And stamps of course!!! HaHa

Good Luck to the lucky winner! Someone is gonna get some kwel goodies!
((Stampin Smiles))


For Christmas I want all things stampin...rubbah, paper, punches, ink, embellies, and the list goes on and on!!

Jennifer S

I am just so very blessed to have my wonderful husband and precious boys with me! As far as a gift for Christmas, I would love to get a digital camera. I have always enjoyed taking photos and want to get 'up to date' with the camera! :)

I really enjoy the vintage look! thanks for sharing!!!


Your samples are soo lovely! For Christmas I hope for health and happiness for my friends and family. It seems it has been a rough year for many of my loved ones and they deserve only the best!


I want peace and happiness for my family and friends. We could also through in wellness to that equation since both of my boys woke up sick this morning. I guess that is just part of life!!!

Happy Holidays

LaSeille Willard

Your cards are beautiful. As for what I want most for peace. (And no, I am not a beauty contestant - ha ha.) I seriously want peace throughout the world...and for us all to get along, AND for our troops to come home safely & quickly.

Desi Wilson

What I want and pray for the verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry most, is for my family to be together.

Susan Hall

For Christmas I want for all my kids to be home for Christmas. But in truth I know a couple of them want be able to make it home this year. Peace in the world. I wish for everyone to have all their wishes come true. Your cards are lovely. Susan

Heather Grow

I guess I haven't given my wish list a whole lot of thought. I'd love a stamp-a-majig. I feel like I make too many boo boos that would be easilly avoided with a stamp-a-majig.

Deb Werkman

What I want most for Christmas is for my son to come home and "make peace" with his family. A little selfish, huh. But it's been too long, and I'm afraid if it goes much longer, it won't ever happen. I also wish for peace overseas and for those fighting to find a little peace and tranquility wherever they are.

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