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December 23, 2008



I just found your blog! I am in Love with the Twelve cards, I was looking for these stamps on Google and found these.

Did you use Cuttlebug folders? how did you color them in? Chalk or air brushing? I love the punch.

Can you please send me any details on these cards. I love them!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk)

These are AMAZING ... LOVE them all! In fact, I went onto Rubbernecker site to try and purchase some of these but couldn't seem to locate them ... can you help me???


Stunning! I love them! My top two are the lady in gray and the lady in brown. But they are all FAB! I want them all. LOL


Couldnt choose a favourite they are all stunning!!


Wow...those are fabulous...There is no way that I can pick just one!


I love your cards! They are just gorgeous! My favorite is card number 12.


Guess I am a bit late on commenting but I love the burgandy Christmas lady. All of them are gorgeous. Great job


Wow, these are really fabulous! Each one is stunning, and infused with their own "personality"! Gorgeous!!

Candy aka cwilliams

Wow all of them are fabulous Linda!!

Mary C. Anderson

Wow! All 12 of these cards are stunning. I have been admiring your work for a very long time. This time I had to leave a comment. I just about fell off my chair when I saw all 12 of your cards. I love the designs, the colors that you chose for each card and I love the stamps. Looks like I will be buying some of these lovely stamps. If I had to choose only one card as my favorite it would be the one done all in brown.



Your work is just FABULOUS!
Anne XXX

Lauretta from St-Jean sur Richelieu, Qc

Happy new year... :) I have started to buy these stamps after seeing your cards. They are so beautyful. You are a true insparation.. i have a hard time sayong wich card is my favorite.. but i think the green card.. since i love this stamp so much. :)) But i would say.. it only has one half point more then all the others.. I love them all.. really.

kathyc on scs

Hi Linda, Happy New Year! These cards are just amazing! I think my favorite is the lady in red but the grey and the blue really stand out for me too. Thank you for sharing!


Each of them is a work of art in their own right, but what an impressive set of cards! The images are colored to perfection and the color coordination is wonderful. My favorite (very hard to choose) is Pretty in Polka Dots (the lighter blue one). She looks so sassy in her polka dot dress and big hat! The Diva in Diamonds is a very close second... she is elegance with attitude!

Savor the Journey

What an exquisite collection, Linda! Each one is a beauty ... and together they are just amazing to behold!

Lisa Dickinson

My absolute favorite is the purple girl on the bottom, great work!


I've been coming back week after week watching you create these amazing lady cards. I'd love to read your tips for embossing the backgrounds for these tall cards. I tried fiddling on my own and I'm missing those IQ points I guess. I love your work. Thanks for the moments of shear delight I get seeing your work.


I think these are simply the most gorgeous things ever. If I got them as a set I could never send em out cause I would hate to lose one. These are works of art that are fit for frames!

TFS your talent!

Laurie in MN

Love them all. Love how you colored them. Love the different designs.

Joan Ervin

You are an awesome artist, Linda...what a fabulous project!!! Each one of these beautiful ladies is special and gorgeous but I am drawn to the green one. I will be glad to send you my address....heehee!!!


I honestly can't decide! They are all soooooo gorgeous! Your coloring is exquisite!

Theresa Grdina

My favorite is the burgundy lady...the very first one (I think) you made! Too beautiful for words!!!

Becca Feeken

Linda, this is why I read blogs. To come to a blog like yours with a post that absolutely blows me away. I have loved the ladies you are coloring since day 1 and now to see all twelve of them together makes me speechless. You are an awesome artist - thank you so much for sharing this. I love them all but the lady in brown is my favorite.

Linda C.

It's impossible to choose just one of these beauties!! I love them all! Your special touch & details show that you really enjoyed creating each one!

Char- D

I love the green one, and the purple one is great. It's hard to pick just one.

Lisa Kind

I also like Lady in Brown, but Monica in Blue is gorgeous too! They all are! I've truly enjoyed each and every one!


Oh I could not choose one, they are all so beautiful, but the green one really catches my eye. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Valda Kirwan

Who has a favourite - they are all perfect! Thanks for showing your unique talents!!

Melissa Miller

I love the Snowflake Lady and think she is outstanding..may just have to get her myself!


Wow!!!! They are gorgeous!!!!!

Marie H

WOW!! WOW!!! WOW!!! I love them all... the red one in the Santa Hat is a sultry lookin' Great job on these!The backgrounds are awesome!

Kathy L.

Mushroom, mushroom, mushroom - just stunning!


Leslie Miller

I hope you know I have bookmarked this exact post so I can come back and look at these ladies anytime my little heart desires. Oh, how to pick a favorite? I love the glittery dress on the last one at the bottom. The brown one--WOW--love the whole card. That lady looks like she really knows where she's going. The Mushroom has always been one of my favorites. I love the color and the embossing folder you used, as well as the beautiful filigree (lace?) embellishment. But the "chain" on the mint-colored card--just fabulous! Okay, I give up! I just give up! I CANNOT pick a favorite!

Sharon in NE

I love the backgrounds you chose to use. Beautifully done Linda! My favorites are always the flapper girls and the last one (yellow) comes in first place with me.


Don't know how I'm going to choose a favorite, but if I have to it's the polka dot lady in blue. They are all so lovely. The doily lace flower is gorgeous, too.

Glitter Queen

Not sure how anyone could pick a favourite when they are all so marvelous. If I had to pick my first choice would be the first one representing Christmas and my other would be the lady in blue pants. All in all your one talented lady. Fabulous work.


Wow! Great to see all cards together like this. They are all fabulous but I guest considering the time of year the 8th caught my eye the most sitting there on the boxes.
Merry Christmas to you and your family!
x Natasha x

Melissa (SCS: stampin_melissa)

They are all so wonderful! I hope my Miss Crystal turns out as nice as yours. She's on my DH's Christmas card this year! :D


The purple flapper girl on the bottom-I wonder if my gramma wore a dress like that?

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