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February 27, 2009


Nancy J

How fun to SEE you! I just found your blog and am back-tracking (instead of going to bed like I should!) lol

I love your projects and your videos. Your most recent video - the one spotlighting the new spellbinders pendants - is excellent! I think you are really getting the hang of it. Having parts of your card pre-done is brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

Christine Levison

I've just found your videos on the blog. I love your cards - have followed the blog for the last couple of years - and your cards always give me inspiration.

But the videos? WOWWWWWWWWW! It's wonderful seeing you working on the cards and hearing the commentary! I love them! So thank you Linda....... and keep the videos coming!!

from the UK


WOW!! Looking forward to SEEING you work! What a wonderful world we live in!!

Becca Feeken

Oh my word Linda!!! What a special treat that we get to see you and hear your voice!! You are the sweetest and your talent is simply amazing my friend!!


Hi Linda, Your video was GREAT! I can't wait to see all your lovely techniques step by step.

Hugs Cathy

Linda C.

Whoo Hoo Linda!!!! You spoil us w/your artwork & now you're going to spoil us w/how to videos!! You're the best! THANKS!

Kerry H

You are a sweetheart! The video is terrific and it's really nice to know that taking the time to comment on a blog is really worthwhile!

Jamie Wilcox

Hi Linda,
Your video was just great - well done, could hear you just fine and everything looked good! I enjoyed seeing you work, and especially enjoyed getting to see you in a video, rather than just the still shot. You're a lovely lady and I thank you for all the time you take to share with us. Your work is simply top-notch!

Candy aka cwilliams

Woohoo looks like you did it, fabulous first video Linda!! Look forward to more!!

laura j

Hi Linda - this is my first visit to your blog and it certainly won't be the last! Your video on the use of copic markers for the chick card was so helpful to me as I am just a beginner. It certainly is so much better to learn by watching a video. One would never know that this was your first did a great job! I had a chance to quickly scroll through your previous I love everything I see. One of my favorites is the card using the flourish stamps (I believe it was s November post). The colors are so rich on that card and I would love to have more details on how you achieved this effect. Thanks so much for sharing your work. I will be following your blog on a regular basis in the future!

Rebecca Ednie

great video. Good quality too. I look forward to more. And thank you for NOT having a perfect cutesy stamping area! Tidy but nothing special. To me, that makes it perfect! Real spaces for real people!

I loved watching your video Linda. After looking at all of the beautiful cards and projects that you have mmade I am certain that I will be learning so very much from you. I am looking forward to more of your video's. :)


Linda, I LOVED your video. It was so personal and sweet! Can't wait to catch one of your video tutorials. Great Job!!!

Elaine Moore

Good job on the video. You mentioned that you couldn't post the video you took of making your card because it was too long.....One of the blogs I visit, cuts their video into segments -video 1, video 2, watch one, scroll down and watch the next, etc. Just a thought to consider.

Linda Yama

wow,,,, can't wait for more videos ,, I am here every single day to see what you are up to...

Jill Haddad

I have a picture showing - with a distracting little black arrow right in the middle of your face!!!! LOL! Good for you branching out and trying something new. I think this will be a great addition to your blog.

Sandy K

Cool, I look forward to seeing your video.

Jerri Kay

Linda, your video is wonderful! Oh my gosh, you've nail it in your description of doing tutorials! They are so, so terribly time consuming, and take away from your valuable time when you could be designing. I love your work, each and every piece is a creation of your love and artistic talents! I feel bless every time I visit your blog! Not only am I inspired by your cards, but your 3 D projects, as well as your painting, thrill and inspire me to no end and almost always sends me to my water colors. Thank you so much for sharing with us your Works of Heart!


Linda you did a awesome job on the video and you look great thanks so much I cant wait to see all the new videos


Linda I can't wait to see your videos! What a great idea!

Susan Lankford

Linda...what a wonderful video! Thanks so much for your honesty...I've always been in awe of your creations and I'm excited to see what you'll be presenting....Susan


Linda, I can't wait to see what you put on your video , i would love to see how to correctly use copics, i have some, but can't get the technique down.
anyway, congratulations on your first video. It was great.



Linda, I just saw your video! Your blog has been so special to me. I found you when I visited Spellbinders one morning and I added you to my favorites and each morning I check your blog to see what you are doing. I am a early riser and the time between 4am and the time i get ready for work is spent on my computer checking out what you have created! You have been such an inspiration to me and helped me to be a little more creative. Thanks for being there! Glenda


Awesome Idea! Looks like you've got it right!

Anna Wight (SweetMissDaisy)

Hey hey!! How fun!!

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