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April 12, 2009



Amended: Guess what, I went next to your number 2 coloring video, and there were the numbers of the Copics popping up each time you changed colors! Wow, now everything is totally clear. Thank you.


Absolutely wonderful. A request, is there any way to flash the number of the Copic on the screen when you use it? I have no idea about videos...probably not possible. Or the top of the Copic. I am determined to try to learn to use my Copics. Your video is very inspiring.


WOW, I got copic certified a month or so ago in Pensacola, FL and have learned so much since then. Your video is awesome! Thanks so much for letting us see how you blend them so well.


I'm sure that the Copics make a big difference, but since I can't afford them just now, I have a question about skin tone. What colors do you use to make it pale, and pink, but not PINK! If you know what I mean. I have some stamps I'm learning how to color and I just can't get the skin tone right. Help? Thanks Jessica


Another awesome video! I could watch you color all day! I feel like I learn something new every time I watch one of your videos. Thanks!

Joan Ervin

You make everything sooo beautiful, Linda....why, oh, why don't my projects look like yours????? I think I need private lessons....maybe the RHM's need to make a trip your way!!!!! Whoohoo!!!

Shirley in the land of Oz

Enjoying you blog and videos. I have a request...could you show the end of the marker when you change colours. It would help to see the copic number because sometimes it's hard to tell if you are using a different colour or a lighter one to do the blending even though you have listed the colours. I'm am still deciding if I want to take the plunge into copics. Thanks for sharing with us.


Great video Linda. I always enjoy seeing how images are colored rather then it being explained.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Teri Frank

Thank you so much for doing this....I'm just starting to learn how to use the markers and watching you has taught me a lot!


Savor the Journey

Thank you, thank you, Linda! It's a great way to replay (sort of) the IRL lessons you gave right here in Texas! (If you can't see the real thing every day, then Thank Goodness for videos!) I spied one of your left-behind hat works today ... had to clutch it for sure!



This can easily turn into my favorite blog segments! I'm considering the jump into copics and I've seen alot of blogs that show what markers they used and have step-by-step pictures, but there's something that's just more exciting watching you as you're coloring! Thank you for sharing your talent and I look forward to the next installment!!

Christina D

Thank you for the video. I'm just starting my copic collection and this really helped me.

Louise Fox

Great video. I am excited to see upcoming videos as I learn best by watching the expert! Blessings.

CherylQuilts at SCS

Great videos! It's great to watch you color...really helps! Thanks!


Your videos help me so much. I have Copics but don't know how to get the "look." This helps so much to see you color. Thank you!


Your videos are wonderful, i am a visual learner and this is great. i am just now getting into copics and i am learning a lot from you. Great, Great job.


Jan Hennings

THANK YOU for this video! Seems like I learn better when I see something done. Your coloring is amazing and I look forward to more of these coloring videos!

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