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September 05, 2009


Suzette Hutton

Linda- I'm new to this website and I love the vintage look and I love the crafty secrets page. And the Halloween Postcard is so cute. Thank you for the supplies list. I hope my turns out as cute as yours is.

Thanks for the brightening of my day. It has been one of those weeks, and today the soreness of me falling is coming out. I love your "bat"

Mary Elizondo

Linda, once again I am inspired by your creativness. I just love the halloweeen card. I think I'll try it. thanks again. mary

Debbie Kaste

This is sooooo adorable, Linda! Love what you did. Crafty Secrets has the most amazing vintage images. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.
Debbie K.


I love Crafty Secrets products! I first found them when I read Chris's blog "This art makes me happy". I love your blog too and all the creative ideas. You ladies inspire me so much.
Pattyjo :+)


THAT is beautiful. Lovin them wings.

Hi Linda.

Love to follow your blog for your cute creations. Thanks for sharing... your ideas and the blog candy!!

Carol Froehlich


I just love the bat! Crafty Secrets is the best.


Now that would be one shopping " excursion I would enjoy ! Thanks for the opp.

Joan Ervin

What a darling little Halloween project, Linda!!! I just love the darling vintage postcard and what a clever idea to add the bat wings!!! I love all the sparkle and the danglie jewel thingys, too!!!!! Beautiful work, as always!!!


your project was so cute I love their whole line off things, i realy like the new postcards.

Susan Bowers

I just found Crafty Secrets and signed up which led me to your site...FANTASTIC! I ordered the vintage Halloween postcard set and can't wait to get it and start creating. The bat is too cute for words.I'll be reurning often .

Holly Craft

Cute as always, Linda! I love Halloween papercrafting!
Miss seeing you!


What a fantastic creative project! Halloween is such a fun time.


I just ordered these adorable images!!! Your take on this really makes me wanna get in there and play with them! Your imagination and creativity is such an inspiration to all of us out here in the paper craft world! TFS!!!


You are soooo talented! I just love this little winged decor! Crafty Secrets is the best!

Peggie S

Oh these are soooo cute!! Sign me up for the contest!!

Kathy W

I am in love with these postcard kits. I love the bat wings and that beautiful ribbon! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.


I love Crafty Secrets. Bought my first one ages ago at a little Scrapbook store that is no longer open. Thank you for your beautiful, creative, and inspiring work. Julie

Sandy Jones

Just love your site. Crafty Secrets is a favorite of mine. Your projects with the postcard kits are always enjoyable. Thanks for sharing this and hopefully many more with us.

Sharon Williams

Love that Halloween card with bat wings. Really up and beyond just making a card. Also love the nostalgia picture.


I like your project, the bat wings really take it over the top. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Corrine Ann

I love vintage! Especially the Halloween Post Card set. All the images are so darn cute! Can Halloween be cute? I would love to make some of these that's for sure. Thanks for the chance to win.

Sue Kennedy

Your ideas are so unique and creative. Looking forward to seeing more of your ideas.


This is just the cutest!! I need to get my hands on some of those CS postcard kits.

Elaine Allen

Linda -

This is just so sweet! I really love the vintage look and this just reminds me of being a kid at Halloween. And I love the great touch you've added with the batwings. Thank you so much for sharing.

Elaine Allen


Great idea for your project using a postcard, I like the way it turned out.

Nancy B

Your Halloween card is so cute! Love your blog, I get such great ideas. Thanks.

Laurie in MN

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The postcard designs are adorable. I love the colors used in the old whimsical images.

Mary B

I've been noticing Crafty Secrets products for a while, but have not bought any yet. Some of their products are absolutely lovely. A gift certificate would be just the thing - thanks for the chance to win one!
Mary B

Donna Zamora

Your halloween items are SO clever. Thanks for the blog candy offer. What a great gift, and who couldn't use another $30 worth of stamping supplies!

Audrey F

Linda, Halloween is my FAV and this is so cute--double whammy--Glitter and Vintage are my THANG!

Julie K

Thanks for the opportunity to win such a generous
Crafty Secrets and your creativity.

Heather M

How sweet is this and soo colourful!!
Thanks for the chance to win some fab goodies from Crafty Secrets (I love this company!)


Love these vintage postcards. Your project is adorable, and I love the added bead dangles.

Abby V

Love the project! The wings are adorable!! Throwing my name into the hat for a chance to win!!

cher it! ty for sharing and a chance to win...this is another I would love to case! Cher



Another wonderful creation! What a darling Halloween decoration! I love Crafty Secrets and have not yet purchased one of the post card sets. They are next on my list of "must haves". Thanks for the chance to win! I thoroughly enjoy your Blog and am very impressed with all of your work. It is always well done and "classy".


I have a tough time with halloween but this is something I would actually do. I'm in love with anything vintage. Thanks for the chance to play I truly enjoy your site and stop by a couple times a week.


One of the cutest halloween cards I've ever seen!


Love the card...and the idea of Crafty Secrets products sounds pretty good, too!

Linda C.

WOW! You're so creative! Who knew a postcard could turn into the cutest ornament ever! Love it, love it!
Linda C. leenda1 at cox dot net

Jan Castle

Actually, the I'm impressed with your photography as the glitter shows up quite a bit...I always have the camera problem too! Your card is really cute...and thank you for the opp of the blog candy.
Jan C

Darlene Castor

I Love Crafty Secrets, especially the postcard kits...I love all of the work that you do too....thanks for sharing with the rest of us



How fun!! Just when you think you have seen every project that can be made with these postcards - another one pops up! Great idea and thanks for the chance to play!

Rebecca Ednie

I love crafty secrets, especially the new postcards! Thanks for the chance towin!
Rebeccacell at gmail dot com

Julie Campbell

LOVE the bat wings, the glitter (I agree--my glitter never "shines" in photos either!), and the fabulous beading at the bottom--beautiful!!!

Patti Jo

What a fun project! The wings add so much and so do the dangling jewels! Nicely done Linda! Thanks for the chance to win a prize too!

Wendy Gorton

Love Crafty Secrets and I love your blog! Thank you for the chance to win.



I am so glad you used a postcard. I couldn't envision the size. Those bat wings made me laugh out loud. DUH LOL!
Sharon L


You inspire me on a daily basis. Great blog!

Karen L.

I have just recently discovered the wonderful vintage postcard kit and all the other vintage things available at Crafty Secrets. Your card is so cute!!!!


I love your blog. I so look foward to getting emails from you to see what you have in store for the day. I love your project. I would have never thought to put wings on the post card like that. BEAUTIFUL! You are very talented. Crafty Secrets is my favorite company and I would so love to win a gift certificate from them. Thanks for the opportunity.

Terri Jackson

I adore Crafty Secrets. Your projects are always so unique and crisp! The new postcard kits are adorable and I'd love to win so I could play with them! Terri

Lana Edwards

I love the vintage postcards and just about everything crafty secrets has!! Your work Linda is sooo fabulous!!!Thanks for the chance to win those goodies!
Lana Edwards

Janet B

Love your blog and thanks for the chance to win.


Linda this is absolutely FABULOUS!!! Love those wings and the jewels!


Love this idea...I can see your glitter! LOL!! Need to put these postcards on my list too :0)

Jessica Canham

How cute to add the bat wings! I'd love to win a Crafty Secrets gc! Thanks for the chance to win!


Love the postcards!


So adorable! And your attention to detail in
the finishing (as usual)!

And, a chance at blog candy too!


You always come up with something extraordinary!

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

Holy bat wings, Batman! The Crafty Secrets postcard's sprouted wings! What yummy purple glitter on the ribbon; the floating silver bats across the face of the Crafty Secrets image, and of course the medley of buttons. Sensational!


That darn glitter is definitely hard to photograph, but I thought yours turned out pretty darn good. Love your project! Oh, and BTW ---- love your new banner, too!


You always amaze me with what you do with paper and coloring and embellishments. this is too cute. I love crafty secrets. Thanks for the chance to win those goodies.

Monica Massanyi

very cute idea....I love the vintage postcards

Linda B

Ready for takeoff! This is too cute. Thanks for the inspiration and keep them coming. Linda B

Karen W

This is just adorable, what a cute idea. Wow, blog candy is always wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity, Karen W

Darlene (akronstamperdpk)

LOVE what you've done with this postcard kit!!! The wings look fantastic and I LOVE how they match your sparkly ribbon! A WONDERFUL creation ... you are alway SO creative and such an inspiration!!! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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