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November 06, 2009



Your coloring is amazing!! How did you learn to color like that???


Unbelievable beauty you are so very talented! I wish I could accomplish something as good. Joy and Blessings

June Burns

This santa is so real fantastic coloring. June


Linda, This card is so unbelievably beautiful! Perfect in my dreams Santa. You did a super job!


WoW!! You really did an amazing job of coloring this!! Gorgeous realistic results!!


You did a wonderful job coloring your Santa! I truly see that you are a lady ful of talent. Keep up the good work!!!


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I bet people would LOVE to watch a video of you coloring this. Jaw Dropping GORGEOUS!!


¡Trabajo Espectacular!, Es toda una obra de arte. De lo mejor que he visto. Saludos desde Tenerife.

Silke Ledlow

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING CARD - LINDA!!! This is the best Santa card e-v-e-r!!!! Your coloring is out of this world perfect!!! Thank you for sharing this with us!!! Hugs ~S~

Vicki Sopcak

I just love it and you really did bring Santa to life....Great Job!!! Could you please list the prisma color pencil colors you used to create this masterpiece? Or email them to me please cuz I would love to attempt to recreate what you did...thanks

[email protected]


What an incredibly beautiful job you did coloring this card. I absolutely love it! I agree with Julie at Flourishes, I had to pick my jaw up when I saw it too.


This is an amazing card and it is so beautiful! Your coloring is off the hook! I have never seen such realistic shading and coloring as this beautiful Santa.

Debbie Olson

WHOA, Linda! You nailed this! Your coloring is absolute perfection!

Becky Jo

Wow, beautiful work! You made this Santa come to life with your coloring. Love this card and what you did with it. TFS Got here by way of Flourishes Newsletter. Hugs!!

Lynda K

Not many cards make me *gasp* but this one certainly did! Your coloring and techniques is spectacular. Thank you for sharing.

Keni in VA

VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!...I followed the link from the Flourishes Newsletter ... your work is awesome.

Susan (rainy)

Holy smokes, Linda!! Your coloring and shading and detail are absolute perfection. This is incredible!!


I just got this beautiful set! Love the Santa, of course - and really loved the script Believe and Ho stamps. Now that I have the Santa, I am trying to color and loved your expertise - beautiful!
How did you do the facial hair - was it with the liquid applique - and if so, it doesn't look as if you heated it and made it poofy?!
Anyway, the fact is, you did an amazing job! Well done!

Leslie Miller

Oh, my word, Linda! I'm speechless, breathless, and utterly amazed! You are TOO MUCH!

Emily Wundrock

Wowser! You are unbelievably talented!!!!


OMG what a fab card it looks like santa is alived! wonderful work! hugs nicky


All I can say is wowwowwow! I'd love to have one tenth of your talent with Prismas. Glorious piece of artwork!

Makiko Jones

This is amazing!! The details and coloring are done gorgeously! TFS~

Julie K.

Linda, my jaw dropped when I saw your creation here! Absolutely stunning and so life like!!!!!


Linda, your card is just stunning! When I designed this Santa, I had no idea he could be so beautiful. You truly brought the jolly old guy to life. :) You are wicked talented with those pencils.

Starla (star)

Speechless......OMG! This is just INCREDIBLE!

Sylvia-Anne Shires

Stunning card - the colouring of Santa's face is truly amazing. Love everything about it!
Sylvia x


Wow Linda Santa looks so real, stunning work of art!!


I just had to tell you this piece is incredible. All I could say when I saw it was OM goodness. It is simply beautiful. I would be honored to receive it. It is a masterpiece. Great work ! !

Jenny J


Lori M

I do belive in Santa! You made this one come to life . . . excellent work.

Paula Barin

Absolutely stunning card. Love the Santa.

Lisa Phillippi

Wholy Moley that is Amazing! You take everything to a whole new level! I'm not worthy I'm not worthy! LOL

Evelyn Saddler

WOW a real work of art you are amazing, Santa looks so lifelike and I know how much talent that takes. Thank you for sharing. Oh by the way I love that stamp.Do you think I might change my mind when I try my hand at coloring, ha ha.

Joan B

I'm filing a claim. It isn't fair that you have sucked up ALL the talent in the blogosphere today. OM word! this is absolutely a show stopper.

Linda C.

I'd give it a 10..PERFECT!! Santa never looked so good!


This is absolutely a fabulous card! One of your all time best. The coloring on his face is so realistic.You are one talented lady.

Marion (Australia)

Super stunning. I love everything you have done.
Hugs Marion


OK I believe you get the best-in-show award. This is absolutely awesome. I am completely jealous and envious of your talent. When I saw this post it made we want to work harder, but it also made me want to just throw in the towel! LOL

Donna McEwen

I am blown away by the talent you have! What an amazing card..a true work of art. Thank you for posting it. I have been thinking about getting that stamp set and now my decision is made...I know I won't be able to do something as nice as you did...but you certainly have inspired me!

Hello, I finally get to leave a comment. I 've been following your blog from way before I started mine. Your such an inspiration, Really love your works of heart. You can tell the effort that goes into it. I do like your videos too. Keep up the good work. Love, Margaret.


This is stunning!! Wow!!

Terri Milstead

Wow! This is amazing, so real life. I wish I had just a fraction of your coloring talent.

Michelle R

Amazingly beautiful! I absolutely love what you've done with this gorgeous stamp!

Melisa Waldorf

Linda I LOVE the texture!! The liquid applique and flower soft look awesome!

Karen Pounds

This is absolutely gorgeous! You have such a talent! The rest of us can only dream of being this talented! Thanks so much for sharing! I am in awe of you!


Your talent blows me away!!! What a beautiful piece of art!


He looks so real! great coloring. I love this card!

Joy Kennedy

*THUD* Linda, this is absolutely STUNNING! I love it!

Denise~Paper Ponderings

This is amazing. Hard to believe he's hand colored. I am totally in awe of your talent!!!

Lillian Child

The details on your card are exquisite! WOW! Down to the raised eyebrows - I am in awe ... absolutely love it!

Lisa Lynne

This is SO beautiful! I knew when I saw this Flourishes stamp that it would make fabulous cards for Christmas - now I know what it was meant to be used for!! Thanks so much for sharing your artwork!


Oh no you didn't!!! You made this look so real!!! You definitely either need to frame this or send it to me as soon as possible!!!!

Jo Schlanker

What a beautiful card ... a work of art for sure!!

Jo xx

Jerri Kay

Oh my, he's so beautiful! Wowzers, you've done a wonderful job shading his face! A stunning design Linda, love your flowers!


Oh My Gosh!!! This is STUNNING! That is not just a card, but a true work of art!

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