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November 27, 2009


Steve Lightfoot

Are you the Linda Harnist from Liaella, Ga. I knew in 1977? If so please contact me at
Steve Lightfoot


c'est tout simplement magnifique.
Very beautiful. Wow wow wow


Oh my these tags are just gorgeous!!


BEAUTIFUL box and gorgeous tags, Linda!!

Debbie Seyer

Linda! This is soooo beautiful! Such a wonderful set! Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!


Your tags are just amazing :)

f lynn rush

i have just found you, and just as i do with everyone, i go back and back and back to see what other things you have done. i am certainly amazed at the collection of wonderful works. it is fun to go back 1.5 years and see what remains the same and what changes. your worker's-ship is precise and haven't lost anything in that department! i think the only things that have changed are the choice of images. back then, things were pretty cute. now, they have a certain sophistication. your work has truely evolved. you have brought along what you like, along with fresh, new images and new techniques. i am set up to follow you, and i know you will continue to amaze me! best wishes on your creative journey.

Charmaine Ikach

Oh my goodness, how gorgeous, Linda!

Sharon Harnist

Gorgeous box and set of tags, Linda! I LOVE that paper (and have recently used it!) -- so elegant!!

Rose Ann

Vintage perfection, Linda!! Your box and tags look absolutely gorgeous!!

Jessica Diedrich

This is GORGEOUS! WOW-absolute Vintage WONDER. What a beautiful set!

Jami Sibley



this is GORGEOUS! wow

Alex Maldonado

Linda I am just speechless! this is so elegant and just gorgeous!! Where do I even begin??? Absolutely perfect!

Lynne Phelps

Beautiful work - the box and the tags are exquisite! The box looks much sturdier than I expected - thanks for the inside shot!

Joan Ervin

I knew I was going to find something fabulous when I clicked on your name, Linda, but I wasn't prepared for this...I am speechless!!!! In fact, I had to pick my jaw off the keyboard so I could type....what an absolutely GORGEOUS vintage box and set of tags....WOW!!!!!


OMGoodness!!! This is amazing, Linda! You have such a beautiful vintage style!! I don't even know where to start...I love every amazing detail!


All I can say is wow,wow,wow,wow.........AND WOW!!!


AWESOME Tags! I love tags and these are just beautiful, they have just the right amount of days gone by charm, they are exquisite. I just can't say enough about them. Thanks for sharing them.

Jerri Kay

Oh my word, I've fallen off my chair, how stunning and gorgeous and beautiful and devine . . . .I could go on and on, but I think I won't, I'll just go back and stare . . . LOL! You do vintage like no other Linda! I have to case your box and fill it with Christmas goodies, absolutely the perfect presentation for homemade gifts. I'd love to get together to brainstorm and play! Thank you for sharing girl, you're amazing!!!! Big Hugs, Jerri


gorgeous set, Linda!

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