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October 31, 2010



What a lovely young lady just like mom.


Lovely layout and daughter, never get sick of your flowers!

Gladys R.

Tammy's smile would melt the coldest heart.
She certainly is a beautiful lady. Love your
layout. Just gorgeous like all your work. I
will never tire seeing your flowers. Keep them

Pam L.

Ahhh what a sweet post about your daughter. Our kids sure have hold of our hearts don't they. Your daughter is a beautiful young woman.
Your project is just gorgeous. How could we ever tire of your beautiful flowers.
Thanks for taking the time to share Linda.
Pam L


Just beautiful! This should be in a picture frame. Your daughter sounds like women after my own heart. I wonder who she looks like and takes after? Tired of your flowers I think not!

Edna Burgess

Good to hear so many nice things about your daughter. We love our daughter also. Glad she enjoys the big parties, because 250 people sounds like to much for me to handle. LOL Your card is beautiful, but how do you mail cards with all the beads, flowers and more glitz? Edna


Lovely to meet Tammy. Beautiful as are all your creations.

Tired of your flowers, oh couldn't be and so look forward to seeing them.

A tutorial for flowers when you have time would be brilliant.



Nice to meet Tammy!
A lovely page, Linda and no, I can never be tired of your flowers!! xo

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