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January 18, 2011


ft worth

Just gorgeous!

Nike Shox Classic


Nike Shox Classic


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wow this is a great work of art. though there's so much going on its design, i can't help but notice it's classic aura.

it feels like this came out of a Disney classic movie, i just can't figure out which yet.

Erika M

Just too fabulous!

Tina Johnson

Oh Linda, how beautiful is this. I am surely going to introduce this new chunky ATC to the 82 members of my ATC group. I know they will love this idea. So smart and beautiful Thank you for your creativeness.

Debby Walker

I love the way your mind works....this is a terrific piece, and I love fairies, so it is definitely a win win .....Thanks for sharing..


Fabulous chunky! Coming from a Peter Rabbit-loving family, I'm especially in awe of how you've used the imagery and concept! Beautiful

Susan~Killam Creative

Wow - I swear my heart stopped when I saw this loveliness! I just got my grubby little hands on this G45 collection and can't wait to use it. Your chunky atc is definitely an inspiration!



Love all the beautiful details on your chunky art!!


Lovely piece of Art, you really did think outside the box, but in such a gorgeous way!!!

Barbara Leonard

Linda, this is awesome! You do some great thinking outside the box.

Alicia TW

Love the details. Beautiful!


Oh my how stikin' cute this is. I like the Chuncky ATC's but this is beyound anything I have seen before. CUTE CUTE CUTE

gerri herbst

Your work leaves me speechless. Oh so lovely...


Linda, this is so, so beautiful! You are so darn creative.

Victoria Sturdevant

Sweet, shabby & beautiful!!

iamvictorias at gmail dot com


I have made a couple of these and they are so much fun. Happy birthday. Jackie


lol this is so pretty ...cant even see the wood forpetesake! you did a great job! I recently completed one and hinged 2 together...they are just plain ole fun to do! tyvm

Rose Kerry

Well if this isn't the cover of a craft magazine, I don't know what is. I can't imagine the time and love that went into this single project. It's stunning and a keepsake for sure. Who doesn't love a little Wonderland?? Beautiful work.


Oh my! Your creations are truly works of art and wonderfully inspirational


It is amazing what is created out of a block. Thanks for sharing.


Oh Wow is that fantastic, what a great piece to go in a childs nursery or young girls bedroom, this will be a wonderful item to hand down to generations to come!

Patty Taylor

Wowza! I bookmarked this project... who woulda thought you could make such a remarkable piece of art with a scrap of 2x4~!

This is amazing. Just go to show you what can be done with a block of wood. Great for a girl room.

Your Sister in Christ


Jerri Kay

OH my gosh, this is fabulous Linda, way too cute! Perfect for a little girl's room!


That is simply breath taking!

Pam Loris

What a gorgeous piece!

Leslie Miller

Gasp!!! I can't imagine anything being outside the box for you, Linda. You excel at everything you touch! This is awesome!


AMAZING!!! I love the Beatrix Potter look.

Michele Oliver

Cannot believe that this started out as a piece of wood. Amazing


Wow, I love the intricate details of your style.


This is so beautiful.


This is AMAZING! I love how you layer things and create a totally unique piece. Just gorgeous my friend.

Iris Soscia

WOW! Your project is just gorgeous. Iris Soscia


You really took a humble piece of wood and turned it into a piece of art. Whimsical and sweet!

Sue D

Wow--very creative and so much to look at!

Kathy Eddy

How could this beautiful work of art have started from a block of wood? Wow! Amazing piece!

Kim C.

I love the crown, it is the finishing touch to a beautiful project. I have been making these since I saw them on Sherry Cheever's blog. She calls them chuncky tags and I have been having a lot of fun also. I absolutely love altered art.

Dee in N.H.

A-MAZE-ZING! holy cow, I could just stare at this for hours. Truly inspirational!

Anne Thompson

What a nice use of the Graphic 45 papers! Very girly and would be a wonderful gift for some lucky girl. Anne, yourmainestamper

Kathi Stack

Love the Beatrice Potter look. Would make a wonderful baby present.


What a fantastically magickal creation!

I have had a difficult time trying to comment. I love your project, and think it would make a wonderful baby gift.
Linda S in NE

Martha Nicholson

This would be so darling in a little girls room. So much the fairy or Alice in Wonderland theme in my mind. I love it. Even my 7 year old granddaughter loved it. Now I have to come up with materials to help her make it.

Mary Anne P

I think you ran out of space for any more fabulous embellishments. This is really quite the piece. I couldn't stop looking at it.


Linda, I absolutely love this. You have a bit of everything. Fairy's, springtime, and even a bit of steampunk. This piece of art is just incredible.


Though this is a little different than what you usually create, it still has that Linda Style! Truly a work of art! I love all the elements and as always your flowers are just gorgeous!


Absolutely, stunning!! Such a romantic take beginning with blocks of wood!


AMazing, very very beautiful job, perfect for a baby girls room or even fro Spring/Easter table center piece. Just gorgeous.

Sylvia/Little Treasures

Wow Linda. You did great "Outside your Box"!!! I love all the many elements of this. My fav is anything with Beatrix Potter images....Lots of great pictures and so colorful...

Karen Duncan

Oh my goodness, Linda. This is just great. I can just see this in a little girls room or with a few alteration in a little boys room. They would fascinated for hours just looking at it. You're truly amazing.


Gorgeous -- so much to look at! I really like your use of the embossed metal.

Barbara M

What a perfect little girl's piece- or big girl!!! Too sweet! love all your details...I want to climb inside...

Tammy M

Wow!! The details are great! This looks like such a fun project!!

Nancy Schultz

Oh my goodness this is gorgeous! I love the Graphic 45 paper that you have used and all of the fabulous details! Love Love Love your chunky art!


wow - this is beautiful!

Cassie K

beautiful piece for a spingtime display

Kim Howard

This is over the top adorable! I especially *love* the little peg feet on the wood block. So cute!!


This is truly a work of art! Absolutely stunning.


wow! simply amazing.

Yelowflower Mo

WOW is about as articulate as I can be on this project, quite overwhelming!

Susan Schultheis

OMGOSH this piece of art is beyond words....just amazing, spellbinding, creative, etc etc etc. Thank you so much for sharing your imagination!! and a very happy b'day to eP. chunky art here i come!

Mary McMillan

WOW...I think that says it all....I could also add AWESOME, MAGNIFICENT, STUNNING AND GORGEOUS. Linda, what a beautiful piece of art.

Miranda van den Bosch

absolutely fabulous, all the images are so great, it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland
totally gorgeous


Donna Vere

Wonderful chunky. That would make such a great Easter present.

Stephanie McGregor

Love the whimsy with this and any little girls room would be just wonderful with this magical piece of art! Thanks for sharing!


Oh my goodness! I feel as if I've slipped into your secret garden! Very, very nice! So cute for a nursery, too!

Sandra ltb

this will be cherished .... wonderful piece of art Linda!
Sandra ltb


Everytime I look at this Linda, I'm transported into a story...seriously. This is a beautifully illustrated storybook


Awesome project. I especially love all the texture and the background behind the fairy.

Cindy haffner



Wow!! I love the way you did something a little different on each side.. but that still works beautifully with the whole.

Nora Anne

WOw! So different and very beautiful! I love how you altered the bloomers!

Wanda H

Wow!!! Totally awesome!!!!


Wow--gorgeous creation!

Angi Rankin

This is beautiful! Who wouldn't love having this beautiful piece of art in their house?? I love it!!!


This is so much fun and so AWESOME, Linda! You always amaze me beyond belief! I think Starla said it best about this's like looking at a storybook.

Elaine Allen

Linda -

This is just stunning! How very beautiful this piece of art is. Each side is just gorgeous, it shows your attention to detail. Wonderful Linda!

Elaine Allen

bevie pearl

Your chunky art piece is magnificent. What inspiration you have shared with us. Happy eP birthday!!

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