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March 04, 2011


Lynn Stevens

Fabulous idea using the box lid and tissue to hold up those flowers!

Troy Louise

Your flowers are really neat. What fun stuff. Thanks for the great tutorial.


These are so gorgeous! I have never heard of this film before...something new to look for!
I love how it works for your flowers on both sides.

Thanks for sharing!


Great tutorial and I love the flowers both ways! Nothing better than having a choice.
Your frame project is so gorgeous and I love the broach idea as well. The possibilities are endless.
Thanks for sharing! :)

Wanda H

Gorgeous project!!! Love your idea for shaping the flowers your way... oh the options we have!!! Isn't it great!!! I noticed that you used the book ring for a hanger and I'm wondering what you used to attach it to the hanging? And have you actually hung something and let it hang for along time to know that what you used would actually take the weight? Thanks so much!!! Love your blog!!!

Tammy M

Very nice! Lots of work good job thinking of other things to use!

Melissa Minor

Gorgeous work! I'm always improvising and discovering new techniques (although I can't always remember the steps correctly -lol)!

Jolanda bravery

This is absolutely beautiful! :)


Beautiful piece of art. Thanks for the tutorial the molding film sure does make a pretty flower.

Amanda clemons

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am embarrassed to say that I did not even know this film existed. That is why I appreciate you all so much. I am constantly learning new things.


A true crafter at work, when stuck, improvise!

f lynn rush

i have never heard of the modeling film. lovely effect.

Darlene Castor

Wow! As usual your project is beautiful and full of life!
Thanks for sharing.


fabulous flower..I have never done this. Look so beautiful!

Suzanne Bouchard

WOW! WHat an interesting project and this is the first time I see a tutorial using the molding plastic. Thanks for the lesson! beautiful project also!


Oh my goodness! This is stunning! I'm off to play right now!


{sigh} Just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this. So lovely! And, thanks too, for sharing your tips for creating the flower.

Toni K

So beautiful! Love the flower!

Kittie Caracciolo

Linda, this is a gorgeous project. Thanks for the great flower tutorial. Hugs!


Love the shiny - film on top - concept!!!!

Bonnie aka raduse

Wow, wow, wow, wow!!! I love the frame you made.

Victoria Sturdevant

Beautiful flower!

iamvictorias at gmail dot com

Connie SMith

the flowers are gorgeous, as is the "book"? I thought it was just paper flowers til I read the tutorial...neat technique!! Would love to know what the book or card is made from? LOve that you can use the flower on various objects too.

Sandra ltb

Thanks Linda - I love it!
Sandra ltb


Beautiful flowers!


I love the project!! Flowers are my favorite and yours is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Karen McCoy

Wow, fabulous flowers. Love the technique.

Linda Ledbetter

This is crazy beautiful, Linda! (That's the highest praise of all!). Everything about it, from the colors to the design to the stamping is absolutely gorgeous.


Beautiful project.
Thanks for all the step by step info.


Thank you so much for sharing another project that we to can play along with...may never turn out as good as yours but it is how you make us believe in ourselves and to never forget the fun to be had

Dee in N.H.

Fabulous! I love the flower and the tutorial! Thanks so much! I need some of that film!

Girl Hair Accessories

So BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the project!!


gorgeous, love the tips for molding the flowers. Thanks for sharing.


I love your idea of using molding film to mold the flowers. I've not heard of molding film, where does one buy it and what is it anyway. You whole piece is so lovely.

Sylvia/Little Treasures

Love your project. The background paper is so perfect for the beautiful flower and frame. Thanks for all the photos and info, can't wait to try this.

Erika M

Wow! Your creation is amazing and I love how you created your flower!

Billie A

Wonderful project love the flowers and little frame. I like that you use what you have and let us know that you did. Great flowers love the colors and all that you did. I'll have to try that film. Never heard of it.

Pat Stockall

Thanks for the tutorial and what can go wrong during making it.Love the flower and colors


great the tubes as a method for saving your hands!


Really beautiful! Love the colors you chose and those flowers are just gorgeous! Thanx for the tutorial!

Mary Harris

Gorgeous!! I just love it!

Annette J.

Wow, what a project, beautiful flowers!!!

Dorothy C.

So beautiful! I love the colors you used. Your flower petal technique is quite ingenious.

Sue D

Beautiful and the flower is gorgeous!

Pam Perry

Fabulous technique for the flowers! Don't you just love re-purposing things?? Great tray all around!

Joanna McDonald

That is stunning work!! I enjoyed reading
about it and viewing it in steps but its'
nothing I would try!! I'm not experienced
enough to tackle that! I love your Alice
in Wonderland work - I am going to try
"something" with that! Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Eddy

Beautiful as always Linda. I love your elegant style. Good idea to use the round objects for shaping!


The tutorial is FABULOUS! (as well as the final outcome of your project!) I am sooo going to try the modeling film!!

Susan Tidwell

Beautiful tray and love the flower!

Gladys R.

Lovely project. Beautiful flower.

Cassie K

what a beautiful piece of shabby goodness and I really like how you created the flower.

Regina aka Mrs. Ham

I've never tried this before, but I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration and tutorial.


I had to come back and look at it again. Beautiful and love your picture tutorials - they really help me a lot (although in the end I always deviate and come up with something else, lol). I love how you use the modeling film. I'm kinda intimidated by it, but am going to play with it this weekend.



I've never used this medium but am excited to try it out! Thanks for the inspiration!


Gorgeous, gorgeous project.


It's a great combination of colors, and I especially like the flower.


Neat process! Would love to try it.

bette roehsner

Linda, this is just stunning! I can't wait to try the flowers using your tips. I am a huge fan of your work, so keep it coming!

Candy Meyers

Neat idea. I can't wait to try it. Thanks for such clear directions.
Candy Meyers


Thank you so much for the tutorial, your flower is awesome! Love the colors you used, the finished project is gorgeous.

Cheryl Eckman

I can't wait to try this. It is beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial.


Great tutorial and thanks for the hints!!! Your project is gorgeous, the flower is SO awesome!!!!

bethann disciasco

this is really cool, love the tutorial, i saw the product and surptise, didn't buy it right away cuz i didn't know what to do w it. and now i do


OMG, this is stunning and LOVE LOVE LOVE your tutorial. hugs

Jerri Jimenez

This is absolutely stunning Linda! Love your flower and thank you so much for the tutorial, was wondering how to use the product. What a treasure you've created here!

Karen W

Wow this is fantastic. Thanks for the tutorial.

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