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July 20, 2011


patricia p.

take care of that back. It is all important.
When you come back you'll be fit as a fiddle or something like that. ha ha ha

take care



You have my sincere sympathy and wishes for a speedy return to back health. I suffer from injured back so I can relate to your discomfort and need to take it slow. I love your work, but do wait until you really feel you are ready. Thank you for all your beautiful inspirations. I look forward to seeing e-mails from you. hugs, debra (a big fan of yours)

lynn legge

glad you are feeling a bit better... i know its hard to be creative when the body doesent want to cooperate.. will be nice to see your beautiful creations again tho... i am truly inspired by your works..
big ladybug hugs

Troy Louise

Glad you are feeling better - miss your beautiful creations, but certainly understand. Health first! Hugs.

Jan Castle

Happy you are doing better....keep up the good work in your recovery.


The most important thing we have is our health, so don't hurry your recovery. When a back hurts, nothing works well. So nice and easy does it, ok. It'll be great to see you ready to paper-craft again, but only when you're well.

Joanne O'Brien

Happy to hear you are feeling better and will soon be making cards for us to enjoy. You are such an inspiration!

Philippe Rosa

Hi , Linda , I wish you to be better soon !!!
Take good care of your back ...

Because I had a back surgery 3 years ago and it failed . I suffer terrible nervous pains although I have to take morfine and since that operation I can not sit down anymore . It is the reason i looked for something i can do laying down ,on my right side and discovered ...cardmaking that way . This pain changed and rules my entire life .So please you only have one back , take care !

bethann d

i'm so sorry. i have a bad back too and when it acts up i can't think about anything but the pain, it's all comsumming. so i feel for you and wish you a quick recovery

Edna Burgess

Didn't know you'd been sick. Sorry to hear it, but glad you're feeling better. Take care. Edna

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