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August 30, 2011


Claudine Hellmuth

This is so beautiful!! Love what you created!



Carol P

Thanks for sharing such a great technique. Will have to give that one a try. Just beautiful!


Beautiful card and what a great idea. Thanks.

Bonnie McLain

Linda, I love the way that you have created your poppies to look so very real... love it...

Great Ideas.... Love the colors you used... will visit your blog again even though I couldn't see the video.. .as I am on dial up... ugh... oh well.. someday maybe they will give it to us out here in the boonies... LOL... thanks for sharing...

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie


Such a brilliantly beautiful card! You are very talented. I have a feeling I would end up with a smeared mess.


Absolutely gorgeous, Linda! I'll have to try that!!

patricia p.

beautiful job Linda
Out standing.


Danee Kaplan

You did a really beautiful job wit the paints. I wouldn't have believed they were painted…they look like you used ink.

Shannon Sawyer

Linda, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas and for inspiring in the process. I think I tried painting on a transparency years ago, but I haven't done it since. You've given me motivation to try my hand at that again. Your poppies turned out amazing, I mean it, they are stunning!!

f lynn rush

such a cool idea! i will have to find an image that will lend itself to this technique. thank you for sharing today.

Sue D

This is beautiful!!


This is stunning! Thanks for the tutorial.

Denise Bryant

Gorgeous! I love the colors you chose!

Sandra ltb

beautiful - love the colors!
Sandra ltb

Dee in N.H.

Gorgeous! Love the vibrant color!


wow Linda, that is gorgeous. I never even thought about painting on transparency.

Breath's beautiful :-)

Marcie  Smith

Amazing and oh so gorgeous. Love those poppies!!! Thanks for tips on painting on transparency.

Cathy Yamashita

OMG - your are a master! Those poppies are really stunning.


Stunning card.

Mary Myers

Unbelievably gorgeous card!! Such vibrant colors and wonderful composition!!

Kathy Eddy

This is just amazing! I can't believe you got that beautiful detail with a brush! Gorgeous!


Wow this is one gorgeous card love how the colors pop .Thanks for the video too

Regina aka Mrs. Ham

Beautiful card. I love the bright vibrant colors. Thanks for the tutorial


Wow Beautiful results on that transparency!!


This is beautiful Linda. Your painting is superb!!

Carol E Brooker

Beautiful card love the bright color, thanks for sharing it.

Janett Ray

I love the technique. The card turned out beautiful.

Carol E Brooker

Beautiful card love the bright color. Thank you for sharing it.


A stunning card - the colors are so bold and vivid!

Edna Burgess

Have never tried this before but looks interesting. Love the beautiful vibrant reds and the end result was the greatest. Edna

Janet L.

Such a beauty, Linda. I wouldn't have thought of using the transparency and the paints!


How beautiful and vibrant. I would love to recieve a card like that. Great job

Carol W.

Absolutely beautiful! Vibrant colors for the card - thank you for sharing the video!



Beautiful card, Linda!
Thanks for the transparency idea - very clever :)

Linda Hardesty

This is an absolutely beautiful card. I would have never thought to use Claudine's paints on a transparency. Your choice of colors just makes this card glow with beauty! Thank you for the video tutorial, I am anxious to give this technique a try. Linda

Joanna McDonald

Absolutely stunning! I love the brightness of
the paint, its much more vibrant than copics.
As I've said before, everything you make is a
step above - you are sooooooooo talented! Thanks
for the tutorial.

bethann d

beautiful, love how the colors pop

Joanne O'Brien

What a beautiful card!I must try your idea! Thanks for the tutorial!

Clare Curcio

Beautiful work, Linda! I love the way you color things! So vivid, detailed, and blended!


Linda, your card is gorgeous, as all your projects.
Hugs and smiles


Just fabulous! I love poppies, and they look so real!

Carol Miller

Just Beautiful, Linda.


Gorgeous card, Linda.

teresa kline aka va.sunshine

wow, this is stunning...thanks for sharing!

enjoy *~*

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