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April 05, 2012


Blog ProblemsDisappear

Howdy! I simply wanted to highlight that you really succeeded in building a splendid blog. In addition to that I would like to ask you a question that is extremely exciting for me. Do you plan to write in a professional way or your blog is basically just a?


How absolutely precious, Linda! Congratulations, but you are WAY TOO YOUNG to be a great grandmother!!!! Love ya!

Mary Friedericshen

Congratulations Linda! She is Beautiful! Blessings for the New Family!

Jean S

Aaaw.... She's beautiful! Congratulations

Regina aka Mrs. Ham

She's beautiufl. Congratulations. I'm sure we will see ALOT of projects featuring this little beauty.

Donna S

Congratulations Linda!! What a blessing! She is BEAUTIFUL!! And I DO agree with everyone else, you are NOT old enough to be a GREAT grandma!!! Hugs--

Yvonne Tune

What a little angel, she is beautiful
I can't believe you're a Great Gran Ma

Michelle Reaves

So precious!! Congratulations!

Karen Wallace

Oh she's adorable. I get to see my only granddaughter at the end of the month. She lives in FL and I haven't seen her since last June.


What a little darling! (and btw~~you are NOT old enough to have a GREAT grandbaby!!)

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