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May 09, 2012



Praying for a speedy recovery for your dear granddaughter! Congrats on your new house fun...take care, hugs!!:-))

Regina aka Mrs. Ham

Wishing a speedy recovery for your granddaughter.

Clare Curcio

You go Girl! Get 'er done!

I pray your pretty granddaughter will be back to her normal self real soon!

Good times lay ahead for you!

Joanne O'Brien

I pray your granddaughter will have a quick recovery! Linda, it sounds like you live a very full and sometimes hectic life! Enjoy it!

Sharon Johnson

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your lovely granddaugher.


Hope that'll feel better fast for your DGD. Hoping your job recall will be quick, AND fun too, as you help do what has to be done right the first time!


Retirement--it ain't what it used to be, right Linda? Take care...and don't work too hard!

Phil(omena) from Dublin, Ireland

happy times to you and good wishes for swift recuperation for your grandaughter

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