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August 02, 2012



take care of yourself sorry this happen to you praise God you have each other be bless. What a lovely family.


So sorry that happened to you, Linda! That is such a shame. Glad you are feeling better, but cant' believe you broke your glasses! Yikes! That's three bad things in a should get to be on easy street for a while now. Relax and enjoy your summer!


Wow, that is scary to be burglarized (I know all too well). Enjoy the rest of summer and big congratulations to your hubby on the gold.


Lynn Noe

I love how you are enjoying retirement! Family is precious! There's nothing better on earth.

Phil(omena) from Dublin, Ireland

Sorry to hear of the mishaps but glad you are having family time. Look forward to all your posts and your crafting is just 'DELICIOUS'
Phil D

Edna Burgess

Wow! Sorry for all your troubles. Have fun with all the kids. Hope you get your glasses soon. Take care. Edna


Life is meant to be enjoyed! I will be grateful for any projects that you post no matter how few or infrequent. A time to go back through your archived creations!

Sorry to hear about your misfortunes!

Lorrie Koenig

So sorry to hear about your break-in. Glad you got some of your belongings back. It still is awful for people to take what does not belong to them.....what they have not earned. Hope the re-keying and cameras make you feel more secure. Sorry to hear about your illness too...You have had quite a time. Hope your enjoyment with your family helps. Post as you can. I love your work. There just are not enough hours in a day. Blessings, Lorrie

Marcie  Smith

Such a bummer!!!!! They say things happen in three's. It's just to bad that yours were all at once. Hate that feeling you get when your personal property has been invaded. Thank goodness you are all alright thou and smart move on installing cameras!!! Hope the remainder of the summer is much more fun for you and your family. Take care. Times are though with this awful economy.

Louise Fox

Linda, Every day is so precious and to spend these days with family building memories for them and for you, is the best possible use of the days we are given. You certainly have had more than your share of difficulties to go with the beautiful memories however. Blessings on your summer.


Sorry to hear about all your troubles, glad that they were able to recover most of his tools. Looks like your having a great time with family and that is the most important, and Congrats to your hubby :)


Sorry to hear of the breakin and all the other mishaps, but good to know you are all safe and enjoying the rest of summer with family and friends.


I had a feeling you were busy partying! Well, except for the icky part of things getting stolen....that's a bummer!
I can totally relate to the incredibly busy summer. I've come to the conclusion that the lazy days of summer are no more! I think my kids are almost looking forward to school starting so that maybe their schedules will slow down (ha! not likely!)
Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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