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November 25, 2012



I would love to know more about embellishing the iPhone! That is gorgeous along with you box.


Beautiful box, it looks so delicate with the vellum and the flower is lovely!

Rebecca Ednie

Linda, I don't think you listed the dies you used to make the rose! Which ones pretty please!?!?


I love your delicate rose ornament will be gorgeous hanging on the tree. And your new phone is really snazzy!


Will be interested to see how well that cover stands up. It's gorgeous, but I would be worried the wear and tear mine gets, the bling would get knocked off.

embroidery punching

I agreed with Karen your work is really awesome. why you should not go to try on some other accessories. Keep it up :)


Now that is some serious Bling Linda, I like your style, certainly wouldn't get lost in the bottom of your handbag.~*~

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