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January 16, 2013



I commented before but to be more specific my favorite card is the Thinking of You card.


I really like the second one because the details stand out better, although they are both beautiful cards!

Karen @ Mother's Day

That's quite a difficult choice: 1) because both look amazing, 2) it really depends on the look individuals are going for. I'd personally choose the embossed because I really like the traditional and contemporary look it presents.


What a choice Linda - both are exquisite. After looking about 10 times (!) I think I prefer the first......or maybe the second.......or.....

Karen x

Just off to watch the video

Leslie Miller

Your cards are incredibly gorgeous, Linda! I'll be curious to see your video. If it's the technique I'm thinking of, I could really use some help. I don't seem to have much luck with it. Thanks!


When I saw your first card I loved it! Then I saw the second one and loved it! Soooo, I think I would be partial to 2nd one but only by a squeak. They are just lovely. Love the pink and white so much.

Francie in Montreal

Both knock my socks off! They are both just so beautiful. It's strictly a matter of taste as to which is prettier. Of course, if you made it, it's going to be pretty - that's a given.


Oh Wow they both look terrific but if I had to pick one I liked more than the other I would have to say the one on the right when they are side by side!

Margie Fulcher

Both cards are lovely. My preference would be the Thinking of You card. I don't know if that is embossed or debossed. I can hardly wait to get the new 3-D M-Bossabilities folders. Your work is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talents.


I prefer the embossed one, but both are lovely!

mary anne guth

I cannot choose. Both cards are very beautiful.


I like the thinking of you one but I don't know if it's embossed or debossed. both are gorgeous!

Regina M. Hamilton

I love them both.

Gail D

Depending on the person I was sending it to would depend on which one I would use. The debossed one is very nice and I tend to lean more toward it. I really like both but the debossed one doesn't look as cluttered.

Donna Ellis

Hi, Linda. I'd like to thank you for always sharing your lovely artwork with us. This is so soft and feminine - very romantic and sweet, and quite elegant. Beautiful card. ((hugs))

JoAnn B.

Both are gorgeous. I think I like the embossed one a little better. Thanks for sharing them.


Exquisite--what a magnificent m-bossabilities. Can't wait until it ships!

Eileen L.'s too hard to choose, I love them both. It's amazing what the 3-D embossing folder does, beautiful, just beautiful. Linda you post the best pictures ever. Being a newbie I do have one question, Im trying to figure out where the Standard Circles Large die is used on this card? I understand the Labels 18 and the folder but I dont see the Circles?

Charlene Dahlberg

The choice is really hard as both are so pretty, but I think I will go with the embossed card. I love them both and have added this to my must have list. Love your blog

Nancy B

They are both beautiful! Your blog is always full of wonderful inspiration! Thanks.

Dianne Marcoux

Your right Linda I love both too, but if I had to pic it would be the Thinking of you card. Your cards are always very beautiful..

Penny Wessenauer

absolutely stunning Linda.. both versions..guess my preference would be the pinker one, but both are so nice it's a difficult choice..may have to put these on my wish list! LOL!!

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