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January 28, 2013


Jane M

Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing the pic's and the How To information. I will definitely be looking for these on the store shelves thanks to you! :)

Beth Norman

Thud. Sorry I just had to pick myself up from the floor. Amazing work.

Caroline D.

Just gorgeous!!! It has the look of a ceramic piece! Thanks for the technique tip!

Sara Tanner

That is so gorgeous!!! It really is frame worthy. Very difficult to take your eyes off of it. The colors are so soothing an serene. A real work of art.


Well dang girl, you need to step outside of your comfort zone more often. I don't think I have seen anything like this before. What amazing card. I never would have thought something like this could be done with an embossing folder.


THIS is the most beautiful card I have ever seen! Really!!! WOW!


Oh my gosh. Yeh, my jaw dropped, too. (So, you have a whole row of us gals staring with our jaws dropping to the floor!) The shells look so real you could almost pick them up. Gosh, when I saw that particular M-Bossabilities I didn't think I would ever really use it much ... but now after seeing this card creation you made, I doubt if I will ever look at dies the same way again. Your card is inspirational because our minds don't go where yours does. If we wait long enough we will see how you take these dies and make them pop right off the page. I know I am rattling on and on, but this card is an eye catcher to the umpth degree! Just awesome!


the glimmer mist gives the shells a really pretty shine!


Absolutely gorgeous!


absolutely stunning, your cards are always beautiful thanks for sharing how you did it..

mary anne guth

This is just .... wow!

Lee Ann Barrett

WOW! This is just incredible!

Edna B.

So beautiful. The shells look real. Edna

Gretchen Wilson

My Iphone didn't do this justice, so I wait till this morning when I could pull it up. This gorgeous piece of art. You have an amazing talent.

Regina M. Hamilton

Absolutely Stunning.


Wow Linda, you always do such beautiful work but this is totally awesome. I love your coloring. Thanks for sharing this amazing card. Cynthia


Absolutely gorgeous!!!!


Oh, Linda...this just takes my breath away! I think I simply must order this folder. The colors you worked with are so beautiful....

Gail D

WOW!! If that comes from stepping outside your comfort zone, I can't wait to see what comes next. It just makes a person want to pick up the shells and listen for the ocean. Thank you for stepping outside your comfort zone.


You do amazing work outside your comfort zone. Most people's experiments in that zone might not yield such beautiful results. Hearing you say you were trying a different "zone", I wasn't expecting to see THAT card as I scrolled down. Jaw-dropping stunner!!!! I know what you mean about not wanting so much to go out of your comfort zone. I'm right there with you. You're an inspiration.


Oh what beautiful results. Thank you for sharing this technique, Linda. It's gorgeous!


That is absolutely amazing Linda, my jaw just dropped about 6 inches!

I had to read the post twice before I even STARTED to believe you could do that with an embossing folder, glimmer mist and ink!


Fabulous card!

Christina Gualazzi

Linda, this is sooooo gorgeous!


Stunning Linda!! Your shells look so dimensional!! WOW!


GEEZ, Linda!! This is absolutely fabulous!!! Such perfectly beautiful work, as always!! I hope you're doing well!!!

Sandra ltb

wow! that is beautiful Linda!
Sandra ltb

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