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March 24, 2013


mary anne guth

Your daughter's guardian angel was definitely at work for that accident. It is a miracle that she walked away.

As for the card, - Love how you used the pear dies and colored them to go with the graphic 45 paper. It was a perfect pearing (sorry couldn't help it - ok not really sorry.)

Heidi Blankenship

Linda, I am so thankful to hear that Tammy is ok!!! You are so right, God and his angels were with her!! I hope she has a speedy recovery and is feeling better soon. Your card is stunning as always!! Love and Hugs ♥

Bobbi Miller

So thankful that your daughter is ok. God truly was watching over her that day. Your card is, as always, stunning. Bless you and your family.

Lynne Ingram

What a scare. Thank goodness she is not hurt worse. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Your card is beautiful. Your coloring exceptional.

Lorrie Koenig

So thankful your daughter is recovering from such a frightening accident. I will keep all of you in my prayers.
Thanks for sharing your latest creation. You are so gifted and your creative e-mails bring such joy.


I am so thankful to the Lord that your daughter escaped such a horrible motorcycle accident nearly unscathed. We will be praying for your family during this recovery time. Hubby's heart probably nearly collapsed; my DH said that was his worst fear was that I would be hurt on the motorcycle.
Your card is absolutely stunning in looking like real pears! I love those versatile Distress Inks! I am always so blown over by your talent; just when I think i've seen it all you come up with another winner. Wow!


So sorry to hear about your daughters accident but so thankful she was able to walk away from it.
Your card is Gorgeous the coloring of the pears are so pretty and the flower is just Beautiful!!!


Thank God she is OK! One can never be too careful. Protective gear can take away from that open feeling of the wind blowing over you, it may be hot or not look stylish; but, it can save lives. Good thing she was wearing it. The skin would take a beating in an accident without it, not to mention the rest of the body. How scary! Will it deter her from riding a bike again?

Patricia Hurst

Praise God! Appears to be a miracle to me. I hope Tammy recognizes it as such and I will be praying for her complete recovery. I live in the area and it is a great playground but so many on motorcycles have died here since my living here for seven years.
My first email from you and your card is outstanding! Do you ever make teaching videos? I absolutely love your work. So glad you are willing to share your awesome talent.

Francie in Montreal

Thank heaven for the relatively safe outcome of your daughter's accident. It must have been horrifying for all of you. Hope you have the peace of mind that she is going to be fine, thankfully.

Your card as always is lovely. Take care and be well.

Charlotte Zweigoron

Lovey card! I'm going to have to try a sunflower with the dies I have and see how it goes today. We all try to protect ourselves from known dangers... it is the out-of-the-ordinary ones that take us by surprise. I'm so glad to hear that your daughter had the foresight to wear her protective gear though I'm sure she never imagined the particular circumstance that would cause her to need it! I, too, am thankful to hear that she is O.K.


Thankful with you that all is well with your daughter.
I LOVE the theme and the colour scheme of your card. The sunflowers are gorgeous.

Heather Woods

Hi Linda - I'm so pleased your daughter is safe(and will heal) but still a nightmare for you all.
Your card is delightful. tfs
God bless.
Heather (UK)

Kittie Caracciolo

Linda, I am so glad your daughter is safe. What a terrifying experience. YOur card is lovely and the coloring on the pears with your dry brush technique is fantastic. Hugs!


I am so thankful that your daughter is ok. Thank you so much for sharing. We will keep praying for a strong recovery for Tammy!

By the way, I love your card. I follow your designs all the time and eagerly look for an email notifying me that you have posted another project.

God Bless,

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