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April 25, 2013


Rebecca Ednie

If you want to learn more about wire jewelry, I highly recommend the wire class by Aga at Craftsy. This is not a quick tutorial on the Internet but a well filmed professionally filmed multi lesson class by a professional jewelry artist with well done PDF course materials. I loved it. Definitely worth every minute! My work improved so much after taking this class. No affiliation, just a happy student.


Your necklace is a work of art. I'm not usually a jewelry lover, but this is gorgeous!

Sara Tanner

Never mind I found it by typing in EyleneOlsen without a space.
Thanks again for sharing with us. :)

Sara Tanner

What a beautiful piece of work. I tried to find the Elegant "S" Link Chain on Jewelry Lessons, but was unable to locate it.I would appreciate it if someone can help me to find it.
Thank you.:)


Gorgeous, my friend! I so wish you lived closer so that you could teach me! Making jewelry is one of those things I would like to learn to do!!(even though I don't wear it much either!!)

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