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May 07, 2013


Kelley Holland

Linda, LOVE your card!! Your coloring is gorgeous!!!


Absolutely stunning card, gorgeous colours, my mojo has been AWOL for quite a while, like you have done some spring cleaning...Usually mojo returns when bored stiff with absconding!

I never worry, he/she will return! hugs..Denise (UK) x

Joan Molitor

I wish I could use my copic markers the way you results are nice, but your's are PERFECT. Lovely card. I usually look at Stampington card magazines to get back my mojo. It will happen!!!


Beautiful card - it tells me your mojo is fine. Love all your work.
Phil D

Sandy B.

I look to you & others around the web to get my mojo. I love Pinterest it helps too. Sometimes I just don't do cards I just cook or garden instead! I say get a Silhouette Cameo it is amazing what you can do with it! You are so creative you will go crazy!

yvonne tune

Just, beautiful, love the colours together.


This is stunning Linda!! Your coloring, as always, is gorgeous!! I think your mojo is working just fine. :)


Linda, that is so beautiful. Even if you believe you have lost our mojo, I don't believe it. You are so creative and talented! Thank you for sharing with us.

Rebecca Ednie

When I lose my mojo I play a challenge or copy a card someone else made that I really like. The latter is very freeing. I can create something beautiful and KNOW it will turn out well. If I am still stuck I copy cards I've already made and like as a card set to give away. Barring that, I make tags or work on a non-paper project. Maybe you could watch some jewelry making videos or read tutorials. Fire Mountain has a wonderful section of inspiration projects and instructions.


Beautiful coloring! It looks like a painting, Linda. If this is lack of mojo, sign me up! LOL Sometimes, it's good to just take a break; don't fight it. When my mojo is dried up, I get busy cleaning my studio. I always find something there to get the old juices flowing again.


Wow! The colorful bird is so very beautiful! And, such a pretty ribbon too for this gorgeous card! To get my mojo to return I look at different blogs, magazines, and tutorials. Your mojo certainly prevailed on this stunning card!


Absolutely beautiful and soothing! When I lose my mojo, I know I've been letting too many things go through my head, or just had too much on my plate. Trying to work harder or faster just makes it worse and less gets accomplished. Getting physically and mentally away from it, by spending time out to lunch with a friend and taking the entire day off from projects,does it every time. The saying "you can't take care of others unless you take care of yourself first" is a good ongoing reminder sign that I'd like to create and put on the wall.


Gorgeous coloring and such lovely papers to compliment it.... Looking at others creations helps me to get my Mojo back, it usually sparks an idea for me to get started and the rest just comes together!

Jan Castle

Gorgeous card and coloring - the best I have seen!!! I suggest creating something different from your usual, which you did here with stunning results - maybe watch a few you tube videos - wander through a garden...inspiration always happens for me when I enjoy a garden, etc.


Lovely lovely coloring on this bird card. It is beautiful. Sometimes I don't think we should worry about whether we got the interest to go in there and create. I think our brains need a break and cleaning the house for me as well is so therapeutic. Summer is here and there is so much to do outside with gardening, activities and play. Worrying about our MOJO only makes it more intense and you feel like more of a dud! LOL. Do what you really want to do and call it a day!

Kay C

Linda, if this is what you do when you have LOST your MO-JO then what you create when you DO have your MO-JO will be stunning as usual! I personally think your MO-JO is fine! :-)) tee hee! Keep creating even when you think your MO-JO has can be inspiring to someone like me.

Kathy H

Linda, your card is gorgeous as usual. I would not be able to tell you feel like you have lost your mojo by it! Hope you get it back, soon. I so enjoy your work. I had not thought about using pencils and markers together on the same project. Love your coloring! Thanks so much for sharing.

Cathy Mc

Linda, I like to watch YouTube clips of designers who share their creations. Watching the creations develop inspires me! Hope this helps and as always, TFS your beautiful work.

Sharon Johnson

NO lack of anything here - gorgeous!!! The colors and coloring are stunning!

Theresa G.

I hope your mojo comes back....however, in the mean time, this card is just lovely!!!


Lovely colouring Linda and I certainly know about losing mojo, going through the same thing.... I started to make a tag every day, just playing and experimenting with different techniques. It certainly helped at times, but it's still a bit hit and miss. Hang in there, everyone says it will come back eventually.....

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