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February 16, 2014



How lovely! I don't know which I like more...the box or the bracelet!

Jo Murray

That's just the most gorgeous box...AND gift. Clever you!

Renee Zarate

So charming!


very pretty packaging for your lovely bracelet!!


Wow, it is an absolute gift, love love love the hand-made-by-mom-bracelet. So elegant and so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

Iris Soscia

This is beautiful. Love the bracelet.

Marilyn in E-town



oh my, when I saw this my mouth dropped open at the box, then I saw what was in it. wonderful. then the card to match. just gorgeous!

Heather Thompson

Oh my, I don't have words, Just beautiful creations. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

Norah McPhee

Good evening Linda,
What a stunning gift you have made for your someone special and the love that has went into create it shows. Your bracelet is so beautiful and she can always look back with the happy memories of when mum made it for her. I have valentine cards that my mum or dad sent me when i was growing up and i look at them and smile. Its not big things that is remembered, it is all the little things that we look back on and smile at. I'm so glad your daughter has a mum like mine.
Love and crafty hugs
Norah (Scotland)

Sheila Bacon

What a gift of love to your daughter! Beautiful work from the box to the treasure inside.

Michelle Woerner

Oh Linda! Ensemble leaves me speechless! Brilliant work my friend!

Sherry Cheever

Oh My!!! Linda this set is absolutely spectacular. Love every piece, but that bracelet . . . Stunning!!

Ruth wagner

Hi Linda,
This is my first visit to your blog via Becca.
This is such a lovely gift you have made !
I have the vintage damask on order( in uk ) so am really looking forward to using it and it looks so lovely here.
Thank you for sharing,

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