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September 21, 2014


barbara macaskill

Your flowers are beautiful!! As a 4 time cancer survivor I can highly recommend that you keep your MIL supplied with hard candies. The radiation dries out your mouth and the hard candies help to keep it salivated. Whatever her favorite flavor is as long as it is hard candy it should help. Lemon is one of the top flavors because of the tartness wakes up the taste and salivary glands.
Good luck with her treatment!

Monica Lore

I am a big fan of your flowers, Linda! Thanks for sharing your art with us! Just a note, be careful of those rogue apostrophes. The plural of Daisy is Daisies, not Daisy's.

Norah McPhee

Good afternoon Linda,
I love your daisies in the jar as it reminds me of picking wild ones for my mum when i was small and her vases just happened to be jam jars as she didn't own a vase at the time.
I am sorry to read that your mother in law is having such a hard time at the moment. Can i send her a hug from Scotland to her and i hope that she starts feeling better soon after her treatment is finished. I know you and your husband will be worrying like mad and have so much on your mind but i hope it helps to know that i will send up a wee prayer for you all.
crafty hugs
Norah (Glenochil, Scotland)


GORGEOUS!! Your daisies look so real!!

Judy I, St. Louis MO

The daisies are absolutely stunning. I thought they were real. The yellow flower soft makes them look even more real.

Linda K

So delicate and pretty.....
The care you give your mother-in-law is so loving. Thank you for sharing.


Very nice project. Your daisy's are perfect.


Gorgeous, the daisy's are perfect!! Wishing your MIL all the best, my brother is going through Radiation now too for prostrate cancer

Marilyn in E-town

WOW beautiful project!

Sandy Hoy

Lovely bath or bedroom accent! Good luck to your MIL. Thank you for sharing!

Rebekka K

wow! When I first looked at these I thought they were real :)..Beautiful job


Gorgeous! Linda. Thank you for the great tips. What a beautiful project. Thoughts and prayers for Hazel.

Miss Mary

I always look forward to your posts. They are unlike anyone else's with the creative ways you use materials.

I smile when I see what you've posted. You make us happy! And enthused!

Thank you!

Darlene Pavlick

Absolutely gorgeous Linda! And you don't have to worry about them wilting! GORGEOUS creation!

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